You can find an amazing restorative power in sleep, essential for both your brain and body to take a break and refresh themselves. Both the quantity and quality of sleep are important, as you must have this time to pause and recharge. 

Establish a pre-sleep routine, your brain responds to habits and patterns. Try to minimize exposure to light prior to sleep time - including electronics. 

Sleeping in complete darkness is ideal, however if you are a shiftworker, you know that isn’t always possible. By using a darkening eye mask and ear plugs to block out noises, this will give you added quality sleep, while using white noise can help mask external factors as well. 

Limit any caffeine consumption prior to 4 hours before sleep time, and avoid prolonged use of sleeping pills as a solution. If you do not wake up refreshed on a regular basis, consider testing for other health problems.

• Sleep Physiology and Architecture
• Circadian Rhythms and Impact of Shiftwork
• Fatigue & Safety
• Power of the Pause
• Sustainable Sleep Strategies






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