Are the emotions that you are experiencing in tandem with what is happening in your life? Our Thoughts become feelings, which become actions which garner results. We want to focus on observing our emotions to ensure that they are a rational, relevant response to the situation. Sometimes it is easy to become stuck in a frustrated mindset, and each situation seems to pile on top of the next, creating fatigue and exhaustion. 

Let’s focus on how we are communicating, what emotions are relevant to the situation at hand, and ensuring that we are not allowing underlying issues of anger, frustration and stress to colour our relationships. 

Taking a step back to evaluate the stories that steal our energy, the issues that can cause a fight, flight or freeze response and acknowledging that you are appreciated and needed will change your mindset and begin to reduce some emotional fatigue.

• Stories that steal our Energy
• Fight, Flight or Freeze revisited
• Thoughts=Feelings=Actions
• Caregiver Emotional Fatigue
• Appreciation & Acknowledgment