Fatigued and Frustrated to Energized and Engaged

This intensive Seminar focuses on the individual employees. Providing practical strategies and habits to increase their resilience. They will use newly acquired skills to adapt well in the face of adversity and combat stress in and outside the workplace.

Carla has designed her Fatigued and Frustrated to Energized and Engaged program to offer compassionate help to employees with stressful, demanding jobs that are likely to experience work related stress, anxiety, fatigue and/or trauma. 

The incidence of these symptoms are higher in public service occupations, such as doctors, nurses, police officers, paramedics and fire fighters, but are also common in shift workers, teachers, social workers and generally empathetic people. 


Carla’s program is available at your location! She will bring her acclaimed presentation to you and your team, and will provide all of the resources you need to make the positive shifts necessary for your well-being. Tailored to the needs of your organization, our proven success habits and experiential training techniques allow employees to put these skills into practice immediately.


  • Gain clarity on the obstacles that impact the quality of their health, happiness and productivity
  • Discover habits and strategies to stay energized and engaged at work and in life
  • Laugh and learn through entertaining stories and lessons
  • Learn skills to handle stress, deal with change and develop emotional intelligence.
  • Connect with personal strengths and successes to bring their best to the team


  • Combat fatigue, stress, and conflict
  • Develop success habits and strategies
  • Build team commitment, leadership enhancement, and employee excellence
  • Facilitate connection
  • Improve communication 
  • Promote a positive culture

Book Carla to help your team today! She is an expert in facilitating effective programs that meet the needs of the teams she works with. Expect your employees to become much more resilient, less fatigued and more energized in their approach while on the job and at home.