My goal is to create energizing, engaging and inspiring workplaces that people can thrive in! 

I started my career as a nurse over 20 years ago. After working in the field for many years, I was searching for adventure and challenge, and became a Fire Fighter and Emergency Response Professional.

Having seen first hand the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual stress such intense careers cause, I recognized the need for compassionate care for those individuals offering assistance in traumatic situations. 

An expert in communication, team relations and emotional intelligence, I share strategies and solutions with individuals, teams, departments and various companies to improve resilience and performance.

I have had many opportunities to further my personal and professional development through many courses, training workshops and most recently, as a graduate of Canfield Group’s Train the Trainer Program.


As a born and raised Alberta farm girl, I know how important it is to take time to reconnect with yourself. For me, it is through spending time outside, enjoying the wonders the earth has to offer. I love to hike in the mountains and I would never complain if I found myself on a beach somewhere! 

But for many of us, this downtime is difficult to carve out of our schedules, or sometimes downright impossible! 

That is why I am so proud to be able to help people right at their offices, work stations, fire halls, classrooms, construction sites, departments, hospitals, factories, government offices, positions and manufacturing plants. 

It is fundamentally important to incorporate a compassionate culture into our working hours, since many of us find ourselves more ‘on-the-clock’ than not. 

This gives us the opportunity to create a team that communicates well, supports each other and offers the resources to re-energize while on the job. 

The many forms of stress can manifest in a multitude of ways, so my philosophy is to deal with it as a concurrent aspect of working, not taking it home to ‘deal with later’ - which actually means to bottle it up, suppress it, let it become unmanageable and finally exhaust and frustrate you.

Having over 30 years experience as a professional speaker and trainer, as well as an executive mom, wife, care giver and daughter/sister/friend has shown me that the world keeps moving more quickly every day, and we must deal with the fatigue and frustration and transform that energy into something beneficial for everyone.

This is why I’m especially proud of my Fatigued and Frustrated to Energized and Engaged program. I developed this program to support my colleagues, but it has grown to become the backbone of my company. It addresses the causes of stress, and provides practical and powerful strategies to increase positive energy and engagement through a five step process for building resilience in challenging times.



Through my time with the Canfield Group’s Train the Trainer program, I am honoured to have been chosen by Jack as part of his assisting team for the International Program. 



Carla with Jack Canfield in 2014, as part of his chosen assisting group.


Additionally, I am completing one of my lifetime accomplishments this year. I have written a book called Showing Up - Lessons in Happiness, Humour, and the Courageous Heart. It will be released this Fall 2015, and I’m super excited to share that with you!


My new book: 
 Showing Up - Lessons in Happiness, Humour, and the Courageous Heart
 — expect it Fall 2015!



Carla shares her journey on a 10 day silent meditation retreat, providing personal commentary on the transformational experience. Through her story-telling mastery, you not only have a front row seat as Carla discovers beliefs and blocks that kept her from happiness, gains insight into inspired living and weaves emotional healing into her work. You will find yourself transfixed by her words, aware of your own similarities, creating the space for personal transformation along with Carla.

Written with a rich sense of humour, you will laugh at Carla’s wit sprinkled into every situation, cheer for her through the ups and downs, and fall in love with her both as a writer and as a person.

Carla’s transformational book will fulfill your heart, mind and soul and you will be itching to connect with her in person. Check out her various events and book your spot!

I love to empower people to build healthy, resilient and inspired lives. Through my workshops and keynotes, I share humorous stories, positive energy and practical tips to help my audiences connect to happiness. 

Are you ready?!