Crisp Connections was formally founded in 2013 in response to the need that Carla saw in her workplace and in the workplaces of her colleagues, friends and family.

Her signature presentation, Fatigued and Frustrated to Energized and Engaged, is an acclaimed program offered to workplaces to help relieve employee fatigue, and promote engagement and mental and emotional health at work.

Carla travels across Canada and the United States offering her presentation to companies who value the health of their employees. They understand that by investing in the long-term health of their team, they are adding immeasurable value to their company, improving their employees’ ability to communicate, combat fatigue and thrive in their industry.

Crisp Connections focuses on the total health of the individual, which lends to the health of the team. By identifying external forces that act upon the employees while at work, Carla is able to discern which areas are in greatest need of attention.


A major area that Carla addresses is sleep cycles and patterns in shift workers. Her Shiftwork Success Strategies model has been adopted by many of her clients and has seen excellent results in reducing fatigue and improving alertness in shiftworkers.

For example, her EVENT + RESPONSE = OUTCOME model has been implemented into the mindsets of her participants, where she teaches that it’s possible to decide how to respond, rather than just reacting on impulse. This brings into focus a mindfulness approach for their day, improving engagement and creating much less daily stress.

Carla’s years of experience dealing with compassion fatigue allow her to use that first hand knowledge and share strategies for caregivers and helping professionals to process the vicarious traumas that they experience into a neutral emotion that has been appropriately addressed.

Carla’s focus has been to understand how we can institute real change and create programs that engage employees in the process. Throughout her team’s extensive research, based on documented studies, it has become evident that transformation only occurs when people take responsibility for themselves, their environment and their work. People need to see themselves as creators of their success.

Employees who step up to the plate, seize the opportunities to engage in long-term change are those who drive any organization forward. Carla’s approach engages at a personal level, initially. Secondly, she introduces your organization as a champion of personal and professional growth.